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IHE-Connectathon. The international compatibility test for health information exchange.

Since 2009, Tiani Spirit has been recognized as the world's most comprehensive standard-based clinical document and imaging exchange solution on the market.

The IHE integration profiles, with the accompanying actors, are practically applied in the SpiritEHR. These are tested biannually at the international IHE compatibility test, the Connectathon. This testing ensures quality and provides investment security. The results are open to the public.

In the eHealth market, software vendors present many different solutions to implement health information exchange (HIE). Tiani Spirit’s solutions feature functionalities that are not found elsewhere in the market. Let us explain:

According to the IHE guidelines Tiani Spirit implements the most comprehensive EHR. At the IHE Connectathons in both the United States and Europe, Tiani Spirit has consistently demonstrated the ability to connect with significantly more actor/profile pairs than any of our competitors (at the Connectathon US 2017, 118 vs. 45 and in Europe 121 vs. 69 by our closest competitor). Amazed? We are proud to be number 1 and that we are able to offer number 1 solutions for the widest range of healthcare IT applications.

Connectathon in US (Chicago) 2013

Connectathon in Europe (Istanbul) 2013

IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) 

IHE is an international non-profit organization, which operates in North America, Japan and Europe.

IHE is not a standard in itself, but rather introduces standards.


The organization strives not only to implement all procedures involved in healthcare through the use of standards, but also to describe the content of all relevant standards and define these as a "must criteria". IHE promotes interoperability between different IT systems in healthcare. This interoperability is subject to impressive testing via interface marathons (Connectathons) on an annual basis.

But how do these results and role definitions relate to your actual environment? How do the procedures work? Which components can help you to fill crucial gaps in the electronic procedures of your medical environment?

We can provide you with a plastic visualisation of your actual installations and equipment in relation to the standardized worldwide technical integration profiles of IHE. At a glance, you will be able to identify how individual components interact in certain processes and where certain roles do not have adequate coverage. You will gain a clear and visual idea of which components are required with which interface classes to close these gaps, and where additional systems would provide the greatest benefit for complete procedures. Relieve yourself of the need to interpret Dicom conformance statements and reduce your tender procedures, while also benefiting internally from graphic process visualizations of your actual installations.

Tiani Spirit connects the implementation and provision of IHE content with user-friendly products while offering investment security and increasing productivity by unprecedented volumes.


Find more information about IHE here:
IHE Resultmatrix

You can find more documentation about Integration Profiles here: 

Conformance - Performance.

Convince yourself of our distinguished results at the

IHE Connectathons: 

IHE Integration Statement US 2021

IHE Integration Statement EU 2021

IHE Integration Statement JAP 2018

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