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The ability to exchange medical information is increasingly vital.

Tiani Spirit provides infrastructure products strictly based on standards.

Tiani Spirit has over 350 years combined software experience specific to public sector, in particular Healthcare. This has allowed us to provide the most comprehensive Health Information Exchange solution which has been implemented across the globe.

​The SpiritEHR data exchange solution enables the sharing of citizen information between existing systems across the whole of public sector services, both within and across regional boundaries.


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July 31, 2018

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust has launched an integrated care record system that will enable health and care providers in Lancashire and South Cumbria to share clinical information. Tiani Spirit (UK), as a partner of NHS, provided the Infrastructure software for this project.

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July 19, 2018

Die digitale Patientenakte für Ärzte und Patienten ist an mehreren Berliner Geburtskliniken in der Praxis angekommen. Mit den Partnern Vivantes und Sana geht nun die nächste Ausbaustufe des Digitalen Gesundheitsnetzwerkes - eine bundesweite Initiative der AOK - in den Regelbetrieb. Tiani Spirit ist als Technologielieferant mit dabei. 

AOK startet Gesundheitsnetzwerk an Berliner Geburtskliniken
Digitales Gesundheitsnetzwerk geht...

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Tiani Spirit emerged from Tiani Medgraph AG, which gave us the opportunity to forge a new path in healthcare. Since 1990 we have developed new standards in the healthcare IT sector, based on the profiles of the international non-profit organisation IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise). This has facilitated Tiani Spirit to become the World's leader in standards-based interoperability.

In the 1990s, higher complexity of systems being used, led to the necessity of standardisation in the health sector. Organisations like ACR-NEMA, HL7, DICOM and IHE have all made great efforts towards standards-based interoperability.

The Tiani Spirit technology implements the most IHE profiles and guidelines when compared to other market leaders, consistently since 2009.

An IHE-compliant solution provides the means to federate systems in a 100% scaleable approach. As a result, Tiani Spirit combines implementation and delivery of the IHE contents with user-friendly products which assure investment protection and innovation efficiency.

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