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What our Clients and Partners say about us

Nick Wood, LPRES/ NHS

"The Tiani Spirit health information exchange platform has transformed the way we can exchange and share clinical information in Lancashire and South Cumbria. It supports all necessary information governance arrangements recognising roles, securities and consent models to safely share information between the many digital systems in our health and social care ecosystem. We have used it to create a shared record viewer and are now piloting a citizen/patient facing platform that supports interaction between patients and care professionals. The Tiani Spirit team have worked closely with us to ensure that we have delivered a solution fit for purpose."


Univ.Prof. Dr. Peter Pokieser, Medical University of Vienna

“In particular, the strict orientation to international standards – which will continue to be decisive in the future – and the possibility of integrating all applications make Tiani Spirit an extremely innovative company. This pure IHE orientation made Tiani a reliable partner several years ago. The Unified Patient Project of the Medical University of Vienna has always been scientifically supported and supported by Tiani Spirit. Scientifically, because the innovative power of Tiani Spirit reaches into the scientific field. The name Tiani is associated with the development of PACS and is therefore known worldwide. We are at the beginning of a huge development. Tiani Spirit has been working with the backbone solutions and now it’s about reaching the patients. With its innovative power, a lot can be expected from Tiani Spirit on this front in the coming years."

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Stefan Sauermann, FH Technikum Wien

“I’ve known Tiani Spirit since 2005 from the preliminary work for Austrian healthcare within the context of the eHealth Initiative of the Ministry of Health. Standardization based on IHE profiles has been very well received in Austria thanks to Tiani. Now we are rolling out Austrian healthcare records. Tiani Spirit has always been an innovative and productive company and this will continue in the future. Now we are working on “IES – Integrating the Energy Systems”, a joint project between the Technikum Wien and Tiani Spirit with the technology platform Smartgrids Austria, funded by the Climate and Energy Fund within the framework of the Energy Research program. Cooperation in terms of standardization is also working very well. We want to transfer the things that work in the healthcare sector to the energy sector. Tiani Spirit is an Austrian pioneer company, which also has strong ties in international networks. Here at the Technikum Wien we are really excited about this cooperation.“

Most important Tiani Spirit references. Worldwide

2022 - MedBest / Green Pass Project

2021 - EHN - African initiative

2021 - Freiburg COVID-19 / Green Pass Project

2021 - Amadeus COVID-19 / Green Pass Project

2021 - BGL COVID-19 / Green Pass Project

2020 - Project with Dedalus 

​2020 - US Project with Thrasys

2020 - EU Project - Cyber Security

2020 - Prince George County Project with EHN

2020 - Extensions for NÖBIS

2020 - Extensions for ELGA

2019 - US Project with Thrasys

2019 - Prince George County Project with EHN

2019 - Extensions for NÖBIS

2019 - Extensions for ELGA

2018 - Project for a large insurance company in Germany

2017 - Project for a large insurance company in Germany

​2016 - BeS, extending the authorization concept for Total Austria.

​2015 - L-PRES, project in UK together with Virgin

2015 - SwissPost - Vivantes 

2014 - NÖBIS, electronic patient records for total Austria and linking with ELGA.

2014 - Probes, structure for authorization concept in Austria.

2013 - Project KABEG together with Austrian partner - xtention

2013 - Teleradiologie Südbaden

2013 - Vivantes Deutschland –Tiani Spirit

2013 - Probes Austria CSC – Tiani Spirit

2012 - Albania

2012 - Slovenia

2012 - South Essex Partnership Trust (UK)
2012 - Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (UK)

2011 - Add XDS-I + Spirit Viewing to Lower Austria

2011 - Upper Austria plus Austria option (whole Upper Austria)

2011 - Start of pre pilot epSOS – 12 member states connected by Tiani Spirit technology

2011 - Connection between EU & US based on IHE (presented during HIMSS 2011)

2010 - epSOS contribution together with Fraunhofer & ELGA (IHE NCP)

2009 - GTA West (Canada 3.5 Mio Studies per year)

2008 - South Africa - Gauteng, 400 clinics and 37 hospitals together with AME

2008 - First CISCO router based installation in Upper Austria (Wels-Grieskirchen)

2007 - Contribution to the largest worldwide IHE based RFP for national South Africa

2006 - NÖMED WAN - first IHE based EHR

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