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Software Solutions for the best Healthcare

"What if a healthcare provider already has a system in place?  Often these systems are

not IHE compliant and were not developed to be used in a large-scale HIE."

"With Tiani Spirit’s solutions, healthcare professionals do not have to change their current systems.

You have the possibility to utilise your current system or to choose the best healthcare application to suit your individual data-sharing requirements."

Spirit Electronic Health Record (SpiritEHR)


Software solutions

that standardize, connect and exchange information between multiple healthcare systems

SpiritEHR is part of MDES -

the Medical Data Exchange Solution of Cisco.

Spirit WebServices

Provides easy integration

between different

medical systems

Your current system

is not IHE-compatible?

Our web-interface

translates for you.

Spirit Clinical Data Repository



Real time search database

that easily lets you convert/export

your files

Especially effective when handling

a large amount of data

including time series data

and its evaluation.

Spirit Access Control System

Safe and secure -

your dataguard

with authentication levels

Software solution designed

to protect all data

(both in transit and at rest)




The backbone mechanism

for exchanging all

your medical images/pictures

Easy management and exchange

of Digital Imaging and Communications

in Medicine (DICOM)




This App enables and supports you

in managing your own healthcare.

Access to all your data

all the time in your hand -

presented in a user-friendly

and clear order


Spirit Electronic Health Record (SpiritEHR)

This software solution for exchanging medical information enables care providers to give better, safer, more efficient care throughout the entirety of the patient's pathway, whilst enforcing information governance and reducing overall costs.


Multiple physicians, nurses or therapists and multiple institutions are able to obtain and add information about a patient’s treatment WITHOUT multiple or redundant records.


Using IHE standards it is possible to publish and consume data, including lab reports, medical history, radiological and other images, from separate systems. This allows data to be accessed from anywhere and any system, dependent of the information governance set by the publisher and in consideration of the patient’s individual approval.

Spirit WebServices

Spirit WebServices

Spirit WebServices is a software layer that simplifies the implementation of IHE standard transactions. This allows easy integration to combine different providers and their transactions to communicate with an EHR back-end system.


Tiani Spirit’s WebServices Stack easily “translates” proprietary transactions into IHE-compliant, standard transactions and vice versa. It allows a non-IHE-compliant EMR to interact with an IHE infrastructure.


This means that existing systems can be federated with ease.

Spirit WebServices reduces the development effort needed to be able to connect to an IHE EHR system.


This approach not only allows existing systems to remain in place, but adds value by allowing systems to utilize our software and accreditations (Anything we can do, YOU can do too!).


Spirit Clinical Data Repository (SpiritCDR)


This real time database offers a standard IHE XDS and FHIR interface for structured data like CDA documents as well as FHIR resources. CDA documents are being converted to FHIR resources and then registered as discrete data objects in a search index.


IHE XDS ODD allows variable consolidated views of CDA documents onto these discrete data objects via standard IHE transactions. Besides the FHIR interface, an XDS/XCA environment with an IHE XCF as its basis is in use to forward discrete search requests to the CDR. The request contains parameters like content-type (CDA/FHIR), return values like CDA sections or FHIR resources as well as search parameters for discrete data.


SpiritCDR is especially effective when handling a large amount of data as well as time series data and its evaluation.


For semantic completion, an improved context and better analytic possibilities in its search requests, the structured data will also be provided in form of an OWL/RDF model.

Spirit Access Control System (SpiritACS)


The SpiritACS solution is specifically designed to address access control objectives. Given the high level of security that is required when exchanging Electronic Health Records (EHRs), the hardware and software architecture are collaboratively interfaced to achieve the same security objective.


Standard security services, such as confidentiality, integrity, accountability/non-repudiation and availability, are therefore provided by a state-of-the-art solution that is based on the latest research and market requirements.




Software solution for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting of medical imaging (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine – DICOM).


Enables the integration of medical imaging devices – like modalities, scanners, servers, workstations, printers, network hardware and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) – from multiple manufacturers.


Examples are digital radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography or sonography.


The SpiritARCHIVE is a product which observes strict adherence to IHE criteria even in the data model. This ensures optimum standards of general functionality and usability as well as high levels of transparency and compatibility with systems of different manufacturers.

iSpiritHealth App



Only with this App you have all the great clarity and control you want for your medical documents.


Look at your medical reports, doctor’s letters, laboratory data, radiological images and much more. You can even watch interactive 3D renderings of your CT or MRI images.


In addition, iSpiritHealth handles and visualizes all your vital data and fitness data collected by different devices and wearables. It gives you full control of providing this information to your physicians for a total medical portrait and therefore the best treatment. It is all in your hand.


You can get instant notifications on all of your IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) when you receive new medical reports or vital data. Soon available for Android devices as well.


iSpiritHealth - All your data all the time in your hand - in beautiful and clear order.

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