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Tiani "Spirit"

SpiritEHR is the most comprehensive EHR solution worldwide

Information Technology is rapidly evolving, and no business is unaffected by it. IT has long been important in the healthcare business, and in times of paperless offices the ability to exchange medical information is increasingly vital. Tiani "Spirit" provides the most comprehensive electronic health record worldwide, and it is fully standards-based. Since 2012, Tiani "Spirit" has achieved more than 100 stars in each of the IHE Connectathons, both in the USA and internationally.

The goal of Tiani "Spirit" is to provide a highly available EHR-system for the best healthcare for everyone worldwide. Advantages of the SpiritEHR are the fully standards-based technology and the Tiani "Spirit" WebService interface that allows a non-IHE-compliant EMR to interact with an IHE infrastructure.

Relying on Tiani "Spirit" technology gives you the possibility either to keep your current system in place or to choose the best healthcare application for your situation. Tiani "Spirit" has the interface to cross-reference patient information and exchange medical data!

The European Union trusted Tiani "Spirit" to set up the first international HIE Project. epSOS (European Patients Smart Open Services) interconnects 23 member states for the exchange of Patient Summary and ePrescription documents. Tiani "Spirit" provides the infrastructure components, including security and data protection measures, to facilitate secure cross-border health information exchange. Negotiations between epSOS and NHIN have already taken place, and plans for establishing a “cross-continent” HIE have been discussed. Tiani "Spirit" presented a live-demonstration at HIMSS ’11 in Orlando.

Cisco MDES

The Cisco Medical Data Exchange Solution (MDES) is an integrated, end-to-end, standards-based solution, which runs on Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) or UCS Express, that facilitates patient-centric access to medical records. It gives healthcare professionals from multiple institutions access to patient data from previously disconnected systems with incompatible formats and disparate medical terminology. Now providers can quickly and easily access and review a patient's medical data gathered by different applications and stored in separate locations. Read more...

Why should Tiani "Spirit’s" EHR be Deployed on a Cisco Infrastructure?

Tiani "Spirit"