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News 2016

Magazine "Energie Report", Issue 07/2016 - Interview Martin Tiani

December 2016

Tiani Spirit is developing software solutions for the Healthcare Sector and is now opening up another market with the Energy Sector where safe data exchange and interoperability are crucial.

Video Tiani Spirit at the MEDICA 2016

December 2016

Have a look at some impressions of our participation at this year's MEDICA - the world's leading trade fair for the medical industry.

Tiani Spirit: New Investor, New Office, Successful Trade Fairs

December 2016

Video IHE Connectathon Japan 2016

November 2016

Tiani Spirit accepted the challenge and was again part of this year's IHE Connectathon Japan 2016 in Tokio.

Have a look and follow the Tiani Team on the exciting journey.

MEDICA 2016 - Martin Tiani speaks about "International IHE Projects"

November 2016

Once again, the world’s biggest medical trade fair MEDICA and the leading international supplier trade fair COMPAMED, took place in Düsseldorf.

Tiani Spirit was part of this World Forum for Medicine at Cisco's Connected Healthcare Forum. Martin Tiani presented solutions for standard-based exchange of date in the healthcare sector and spoke about "International IHE Projects".

Video Tiani Spirit Housewarming Party

November 2016

Finally, the sky is the limit – with a stunning view from our new office over Vienna and into the future.

You have to celebrate turning points – and so we did. The Tianis have invited to the Housewarming and more than 100 guests came. The goal: having an unforgettable evening with our partners and clients. Mission accomplished!


After visiting our office on the 34th floor we went up to the 57 Lounge. Everybody loves speeches and who is more suitable than Martin? He spoke precisely 10 minutes about the past, the present and the future of Tiani Spirit.


The Spirit was in the air indeed: with music from star violinist Zipflo and his band.

To ease the networking, the buffet came right to the guests.


Another reason for this unforgettable night was Xi Ding. The cartoonist immortalized our guests in the form of digital cartoons. Everybody received a print and an email with the picture on the spot.


And because moving images tell more than 1000 words, here is the video!

Tiani Spirit invited to Housewarming Party

November 2016

Aiming high and having a great view into the future: Tiani Spirit, software expert for standard-based exchange of date in the healthcare sector, has arrived. On the 34th floor of Austria’s highest building, the Vienna DC Tower. After moving in it was time to invite partners and clients to celebrate and give a glimpse into the future.

AOK Nordost, Sana Kliniken and Vivantes sign a joint declaration

September 2016

Digital health network wants to optimise health provision.


Press release

Stock-listed company Heliad Equity invests in austrian Tiani Spirit

September 2016

Heliad Equity Partners GmbH & Co. KGaA invests in the Tiani Spirit Group

September 2016

Heliad Equity Partners invests in the Tiani Spirit Group - with an amount in the mid single-digit million range.

Gartner about IHE

August 2016

Moving and Sharing Clinical Information Across Boundaries

Now is the time for US healthcare providers to seriously consider the advantages of XDS. XDS profiles provide an effective alternative for managing clinical content exported from legacy (sunsetted) systems and for supporting healthcare information sharing.

ELGA-Affinity-Domain für Radiologie-Daten Executive Summary, Markteinführung 2016, Arno Krzywon

June 2016

Kooperation health-net und Humanomed. Erfolgreicher Start der ELGA Affinity Domain health-net 2020 - mit Tiani Spirit Technologie.

June 2016

Ein E-Health Leuchtturm mit Strahlkraft - Project of Universitätsmedizin Greifswald (UMG)

May 2016

German Health Insurance Launches Digital Platform with Cisco

April 2016

• AOK Nordost and Cisco to develop a digital platform for healthcare insurance customers in Germany

• Overview of personal health data

• Networking to facilitate prevention and treatments

Krankenversicherung: Digitale Plattform für Versicherte

April 2016

- AOK Nordost und Cisco entwickeln digitale Plattform für Versicherte

- Übersicht über eigene Gesundheitsdaten

- Vernetzung erleichtert Vorsorge und Behandlungen

AOK Nordost baut zusammen mit Cisco und Tiani Spirit eine digitale Plattform für Versicherte

April 2016

conhIT 2016: Qualitätssteigerung in der Patientenversorgung durch Digitalisierung von Prozessen

April 2016

Mit der Gesamtlösung von Dimension Data basierend auf Systemen von Cisco und der Software von Tiani Spirit.

Interview mit Martin Tiani über aktuelle Entwicklungen im Bereich e-Health und Zukunftsaussichten

March 2016

Vom 25. bis 26. März 2015 referierten internationale Experten an den NZZ X.Days - der führenden nationalen Konferenz - in Interlaken über die Herausforderungen und Chancen des digitalen Wandels und über dessen Auswirkungen auf Geschäftsmodelle und Unternehmen.

Keynote-Referenten waren unter anderen der e-Health-Experte Martin Tiani, CEO und Inhaber von Tiani Spirit GmbH, Kirill Tatarinov, Executive Vice President von Microsoft Business Solutions, David Rose, Serienunternehmer und Wissenschaftler, Chris Anderson, globaler Technologieführer und CEO von 3D Robotics, Constanze Kurz vom Chaos Computer Club und Big-Data-Experte Kenneth Cukier.

Abseits der Vorträge gibt Martin Tiani noch ein Interview über die aktuelle Lage im Bereich e-Health und Zukunftsaussichten.

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News 2015

John Chambers and Martin Tiani at the 2015 Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF)

December 2015

Health-net 2020, ELGA Affnity-Domain für Radiologie-Daten. Executive Summary

December 2015

Launch of GlucoTel(TM)

November 2015

Launch von GlucoTel(TM), einem innovativen Blutzuckermessgerät mit Bluetooth 4.0.

Kooperation zwischen Lifespot Capital AG, BodyTel, Cisco Systems, Parsek und Tiani Spirit 

Diese Kooperation ist ein bedeutender Meilenstein von kleinen, experimentellen Insel-Pilotanwendungen für Telemedizin hinein in den ersten Gesundheitsmarkt. Das System ermöglicht die lückenlose Datenübertragung von Patienten-Vitaldaten (z. B. Blutzucker, Blutdruck etc.) über eine mobile Applikation und ein Webportal hinein in ein Krankenhausinformationssystem. Konkrete Anfragen nach dieser Lösung liegen bereits vor, die durch die Kooperation von BodyTel, Cisco Systems, Parsek und Tiani Spirit nun erstmals bedient werden können.

Official Journal of the European Union on the identification of ‘Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise’ profiles for referencing in public procurement

July 2015

Elektronische Gesundheitsakte: 218.000 sind bisher ausgestiegen

July 2015

Die Elektronische Gesundheitsakte (ELGA) wird Ende des Jahres in zwei Bundesländern stufenweise starten.

Martin Tiani speakes at IN3/EuroMedtech convention about lasting financial success

April 2015

Martin Tiani was invited to speak at the IN3/EuroMedtech convention in Vienna about lasting financial success.

EFA 2.0 im Überblick

March 2015

Elektronische Fallakte 2.0

Electronic Health Network, Inc: Changing the way healthcare connects.

February 2015

Martin Tiani at the X.Days

March 2015

X.DAYS: Engagierter Dialog an der Konferenz zu digitalem Wandel

March 2015

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News 2014

LISAvienna: Medica 2014. Martin Tiani presents "From epSOS to Health Information Exchange“

November 2014

"Standardisierte IHE-konforme Kommunikation und Archivierung bei Vivantes"

June 2014

Autoren: Nolte, G.; Jost, D.; Haumann, M. Titel: Standardisierte IHE-konforme Kommunikation und Archivierung bei Vivantes In: Duesberg, F. (Hrsg.) e-Health 2015, Solingen (2014), Seiten: 87-89 

Mike Morris from Tiani-Spirit at Health Insights Spring/Summer 2014

May 2014

Paperless NHS deadline brings ICT and document management innovators to UKHIF

May 2014

Connected Health auf der conhIT 2014: Cisco präsentiert innovative IT-Lösungen für das Gesundheitswesen

May 2014

Will the NHS be paperless by 2018? Discussion roundup

May 2014

IHE Connectathon Vienna 2014

April 2014

Cisco Live Milan: Martin Tiani and Sujai Hajela

January 2014

Interview on Cisco Live Event in Milan with Martin Tiani (CEO Tiani Spirit) and Sujai Hajela (Cisco VP). 

Run For a Cure with Cisco, Tiani Spirit and Wings For Life

January 2014

Video about partnership and sponsoring between Tiani Spirit, Cisco and the first Wings For Live World Run.

Giving Wings to Soar – Run for a Cause

January 2014

How many times have we done something for others? Something for people we don’t even know. We all love doing things either for ourselves, family or friends but participating in a cause, which is entirely for people who do not currently enjoy the beautiful morning walks, running or playing is another dimension and fills us with energy.

The Wings for Life World Run will take place in 100 days. With Tiani Spirit as an international partner.

January 2014

The world’s most spectacular running race ever will take place in exactly 100 days, on May 4th 2014, when thousands of runners will set off on a unique race staged simultaneously on up to 37 different courses in 35 different countries on 6 continents. The Wings for Life World Run aims to raise funds for spinal cord research and will start precisely at 10am UTC at the exact same time in locations across the globe - meaning that runners in some countries will be running from dawn to dusk while others will be racing from dusk to dawn. Tiani Spirit is proud to be one of several international partners.

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